Nice Words (OF COURSE)

Dr Dennis Price

Your presentation, the Eight Principles of Marketing in WA fitted perfectly with the conference theme of marketing in a growth economy.The conference delegates commented on how your presentation was tuned into the big issues in the WA shopping centre sector. Delegates greatly appreciated your confident and conversational style of speaking, and your entertaining visual presentation. The Property Council of Australia would be delighted to recommend you as a keynote speaker at other industry conferences.(Executive Director) 


With his entertaining and informative presentation, Dennis’s message resonated with those in attendance and provided incentive to make changes in their own business. (Jodie Reyntjes: Executive Officer – Central Geelong Marketing.)

Dennis delivered an informative, thought proving but fun session that not only kept the audience listening but sent them away wanting to improve their retail business. (Chair of the Geelong Retail Network.)

Dennis was chosen from a field of several candidates to facilitate and present at two client seminars and quickly became immersed in the cultural sensitivities of the project and how best to present our unique offering to participating businesses. (SBS Radio).

It was bloody interesting, a few things I would implement in my shop. (SME Retailer)

I thought it was a fantastic night last night. One of the best things I have been to. The actual program structure followed all good teaching principles and was an excellent and very worthwhile activity. I can’t wait to go back next April. (Newsagent)

Your presentation was well received by our members. The information you shared and the way you presented were both inspiring and timely. So far the feedback we have received in regards to your presentation has been extremely positive.On behalf of the Board of Directors and Management we wanted to thank you. Australian Newsagents’ Federation Annual Conference last week.

In the 8 years I have been with XXX it was undoubtedly one of the more beneficial courses I have been involved with both from a management and consultant perspective. (Rebecca - Delegate)

Dennis was a great presenter who was very confident and intelligent in what he presented. I would recommend using him again in future sessions of this course.(Delegate, In-house Training).

Dennis consults, and adds enormous value, to our organisation on various levels including inspirational thinking, topical editorial content, presentation materials and the delivery of both customer facing and staff training workshops and seminars. His tool kit is extensive with his specialities of retail, business and marketing adding great credibility to our sales development initiatives. (National Manager: News Ltd.)

Dennis showed great enthusiasm for the project and his research, ideas and insights were invaluable to its success. (SBS Radio.)

The session with the entire group of retailers, like several we have done previously, has generated universally positive feedback. Several retailers that I have already caught up with since the event, have implemented changes and spoken of the inspiration they gained from your presentation. (Centre Manager - Stockland.)

Your team is easy to work with, highly professional and the open minded approach you bring to the process is much appreciated. Honesty and integrity is so important, and your approach typifies the values that our organisation aspires to. (GM: Wollongong City Centre Management.)


Moonyeen Price

 I can't believe it. I've completed the course and it just feels so fantastic going into many situations at work fully prepared. I'm closing more sales, making customers really happy that their problem is fixed, making sure it's a safe place to be, signage is good and clear and the stock makes it look like we know what we're talking about. Our displays look like we're a professional outfit, not some hokey little joint in the suburbs and I'm aware that each item has to pull its weight with margin and stockturn if it wants to sit in the prime spot. My bosses are great people who really deserve good quality staff and I now feel like I'm an asset to them because of all the great lessons and also the additional insights you've given me through this course.

Thank you so much for going into teaching and sharing all your knowledge so that we can get much more out of our jobs. (Heidi Pasqual – Certificate III in Retail Operations)

Thanks for all your support & comments of further advice. I have taken all this onboard and will definitely use it in my workplace. Keep up the great training and it has been nice to meet you. (Sue-Ellen -  Certificate III in Retail Operations)

Thank you so much for all your help and precious time today, I appreciate being given the valued opportunity to be able to work with you, I am so grateful! Gloria-lee Cooke (Owner A- Style and A-Rumour hairdressing salons – new retail strategy)



Moonyeen at Nextra.png

A huge thank you for your great work. I really appreciate your hard work and work ethic.You made Red Cross proud!!!! Thanks a lot Moonyeen!!!! (Prem Srinivasan NSW/ACT Training and Compliance Coordinator Red Cross College )

Just participated in Moonyeen’ sfirst session this morning. Excellent! Very much impressed with the layout, visuals, subject matter and the motivational speech.Staff and Management will definitely benefit from these training sessions. Highly recommend....(Mel Asciutto State Manager SA Millennium)

Probably best teacher ever... her teaching style seemed very well adapted for this group  - Jordan Hayward – Warehousing Cert II (Customer service)