We offer a range of different people/process interventions. We have developed proprietary processes that have proven effective in helping us formulate the right, bespoke solutions in almost any type of business.

The graphic below illustrates how we apply our holisitc process to generate the interventions that helps organisations achieve excellence.

Customer Education is the New Marketing

There are very few people world-wide who have been able to understand and embrace this fundamental shift in the market place.

Ganador is uniquely experienced, qualified and able to translate methodologies of learning (both directors are qualified educators) to the world of business. With decades of experience in the front-lines of marketing, combined with a doctoral qualification in Consumer Behaviour and our business focus on consumer-facing companies (service, retail, hospitality and property) we are able to COMBINE our knowledge of how people learn and experience and create products for B2B companies as well as B2C to use Customer Education as an effective strategy to:

  • Improve Engagement and Loyalty
  • Win new business
  • Drive internal efficiency & productivity
  • Reduce Support Cost & Resources
  • Improve Communication
  • Increase repeat visitation
  • Launch new technology and improve successful adoption


  • Establishing Communities of Practice
  • Technology Implementation Training (User Education)
  • Designing and launching a customer portal (online) and educating customers on how to access and use it for maximum benefit
  • Setting up Peer2Peer Coaching Groups
  • Developing Content for ongoing communication and engagement (yes, content marketing is a subset of customer education, it is not the whole picture )
  • Creating style guides
  • On-boarding new clients
  • Outreach Seminars (wehich are great attract new prospects in a non-sales environment)


We have worked on behalf of  a leading publisher (with their client base of retailers and agents as well as advertising clients) to develop strategies and solutions to equip the newsagent network to adapt to a changing marketplace.

During this 7-year project we:

  • ran local area seminars to teach their advertising client base the value of marketing -- that motivated them to buy advertising space that was planned, designed and executed to be effective
  • developed training content for the industry association
  • produced motivation and educational content (videos, newsletters)
  • re-designed display equipment
  • developed local-area marketing strategies for the retail network
  • re-trained sales personnel to be better equipped to sell into the network where the product (newspaper) was losing favoured product status
  • consulted on re-configuring the distribution logistics network
  • and consulted on communicating changes to pricing and commission structures

The video below was recorded during a seminar series where we did a live 'backyard blitz' in-store and changed the fit-out of the store, but used the opportunity to educate the network on the benefits of updating store layouts.



We have been working with a leading supplier of Gaming Technology for a number of years. The client was astute enough to realise that the (current) monopolistic environment would change eventually, and that a different customer value proposition had to be developed before it was too late.

During this time we have educated the sales, marketing and call-centre teams extensively on how to help solve customer problems. It started by getting deep into the mind of the customers (extensive field surveys and numerous visits) before helping the various teams change internal processes, systems and documentation to better suit the customer.


One example of an initiative was to help the Sales team re-think the customer experience during their annual trade-show. The interaction during every touch point was re-thought and re-designed; new technology and documentation and processes introduced and the sales team was trained on how to best function in that environment in way that would better entrench their customers in an authentic relationship.