Are you an ambitious:

  • Business Owner
  • Senior Manager
  • Executive

Are you:

  • New to the job?
  • Under pump with developments and projects?
  • Recently promoted?
  • Wanting to get more done, sooner?
  • Driving a transformational project?

Are you a Divisional/Regional/Head Office Exec  

  • Want to boost your team's skills?
  • Want to get better results at the coal face?
  • Disappointed with traditional training results?
  • Under the pump yourself to get to these important tasks?

How does it work? 

We will work WITH you in doing your job. 

This is not traditional coaching where you catch up for a coffee once-a-week. This is about learning about your job as you do your job.

By laying the foundation of knowledge while you do the job, you will learn faster and be more productive.

  • We will help you understand the issues.
  • We will help you analyse problems and identify solutions.
  • We will help you choose smart strategies 
  • And all the while we will be transferring knowledge to you in order to better equip you to deal with a challenging retail environment.

We don't sign contracts - and you can start/stop as you circumstances dictate.

How much does it cost? 

The real questions are: 

  • What is the cost to your career and life-time earnings if you DON'T do it?
  • How much are you spending on consultants to help with
  • How much time are you wasting with team meetings that go nowhere?

The costs depend on:

  • Where you are located
  • How frequently we meet
  • The mix between physical/phone/online visits
  • How long the initial program runs for.


You could spend anywhere between  $750 and $2,500 p/m based on a range of objectives and variables.


A direct (or action) learning network is a framework we create to manage an INTERNAL coaching program. It is effectively training by people for the people. Using senior managers to coach non-reports at a lower level to master certain competencies is a cost-efficient and culture-effective way getting alignment and building success habits.

We have created the PEDALS process to power this training strategy and it is based on the best-practice coaching principles to get engagement and to drive performance.