Manifesto: 91 things I believe

  1. Knowledge is fossilised intuition.
  2. Love is built on a foundation of fear.
  3. Your senses bring the trouble.
  4. Pornography is a mirror, Art is a window.
  5. Passion is ignorance.
  6. Enjoyment requires the temporary suspension of reality.
  7. Fun is a requisite illusion (for sanity.)
  8. Hierarchy is a circle.
  9. Nothing is more important.
  10. Personality is the projection of consensus.
  11. All invention is rediscovery.
  12. The end is radical step change.
  13. Everything is natural.
  14. Happiness is not meant to be.
  15. Consequence is the shadow of living.
  16. Poetry is the language of pain. (Pain is the language of poetry…)
  17. Feelings are over-rated electrical connections.
  18. Equality is an error of measurement.
  19. Luck is being surprised by destiny.
  20. A path offers least resistance.
  21. You can only see as far as you can think.
  22. Greed is the fuel of the universe.
  23. Process determines outcome.
  24. All people are afraid. (Because we think more than we are.)
  25. Values are anchors of insecurity.
  26. An ounce of failure weighs more than an ounce of success.
  27. All the change of the Universe adds up to zero.
  28. Being is degrees of dying.
  29. There are answers to everything, just not enough questions?
  30. The boundary of the universe is knowledge
  31. There is only black and white.
  32. The final emotion is always disappointment.
  33. Failure is a definition.
  34. Life is destiny.
  35. The purpose is the purpose.
  36. Everything is alive.
  37. Fear is god.
  38. Survival is the engine of the universe.
  39. Sleep makes saints of us all.
  40. The universe never ends. You never end. You are the universe.
  41. Life is a pattern.
  42. Counting is not possible.
  43. Everything risks something.
  44. Reality is not what it seems.
  45. You need people as much as you fear.
  46. The sky is not blue.
  47. Everything is connected.
  48. Self is unknowable.
  49. Electrons, protons and neutrons = plants. Electrons, protons and neutrons = people. God is the difference.
  50. Uniqueness is composed from similarity.
  51. Wealth weighs you down. Poverty ties you down.
  52. Wanting to know is the source of all unhappiness.
  53. Wrong is only timing.
  54. There only good. And mistimed, misapplied and misunderstood good.
  55. Wanting to know is the biggest risk. Believing to know is the biggest failure.
  56. Equilibrium is theory
  57. Everything happens before the end.
  58. Growth is destruction.
  59. Planning hopes to avoid the unavoidable.
  60. Pain is the only barometer of living. (A zero reading is only theoretically possible.)
  61. Everything you learn prevents further learning. (Which is why it stops.)
  62. People learn but cannot be taught.
  63. The only truth is truth.
  64. Trust is the temporary suspension of reality.
  65. Truth is hope.
  66. Focus is the enemy of adventure
  67. Life is the ultimate paradox.
  68. Living is dynamically building and breaking belief sets that conforms to your perception of reality.
  69. There is no escape.
  70. All people have a talent. Not all talents are apparently useful.
  71. Commonality is unequal.
  72. Community is shared self-interest.
  73. Everyone is an apostle for something.
  74. Fame is the cancer of personality.
  75. Friendship is an exchange of needs.
  76. Leadership is an illusion.
  77. Limits are the boundaries of sensibility.
  78. Loves lasts forever. The experience does not.
  79. Man and woman are unequal halves.
  80. People don’t need people except to be needed.
  81. People don’t understand people.
  82. Self is paramount.
  83. People are hollow.
  84. Equity is desire, not reality.
  85. Flaws define perfection.
  86. It never gets better, just different.
  87. Nothing is the same.
  88. Reliance is peril.
  89. The more you want to protect, the less you are able to keep.
  90. You are not in control.
  91. There is a God.

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