Give yourself THIS Gift

The single biggest lesson (re-) learned this year is just how much people just CRAVE respect and recognition. I have become a cynic, very much doubting that motivating people and getting the best from people and making a difference to people would be as simple as that.

So it goes without saying that respect cannot be GIVEN unless you have it to give. And by that I mean self-respect. This is the greatest gift you give yourself, and it makes it so much easier for (other) people to give you respect.

And I have no doubt self-respect is a contributing cure for many of the world's ills; from child pornography to war.

As a start, during this Christmas season (2007), people who respect themselves should start by celebrating the season in accordance with your beliefs, and this means one of the following:

  1. Go to church, praise God if you are believer. Celebrate the GIFT of Christmas the way it is meant to be celebrated. ACT in accordance with your beliefs. (And hope to see you there.)
  2. And if you are agnostic, don't buy into the ritual and celebrate in a quasi-religious way. Don't wish people Merry Christmas. Don't give gifts. Don't argue that the festival can be embraced in a humanitarian and secular way. Be brave and authentic and ACT in accordance with your beliefs.
Acting in accordance with your beliefs is the basis of authenticity and ultimately the foundation for self-respect.

Merry Christmas & God Bless