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Many people I know promise themselves that... 'one day I am going to start a business'... but then struggle to find the 'right' idea. Now I can't tell you exactly what the right idea for you is, but I can tell you where you can go and fish. I have identified 5 areas, and I am not considering any of the obvious miracle cures for diseases etc.

1. Look at a supply chain (preferably an industry that you know well) and identify areas of conflict/ friction in the supply chain.
2. Look at the people around you and identify what they are greedy and/or selfish about. (Even if it comes from Nigeria.)
3. Find a product or service that appeals to the vanity of human beings.
4. Anything that makes people safer in a new environment (internet/second life/school/ roads - whatever.)
5. Anything that makes someone think/ feel/ act younger than they really are (vanity combined with a fear of death is a particularly potent combination).

I could go on, but you get the idea. The really fun bit is to use this approach as your investment filter. (It kinda makes Google, EBay, Amazon, Second Life, Mcafee etc etc quite obvious...)

Which begs the question: why the hell am I not any richer?