The truth merchant

Blogging is as hard as I thought: When it is time to pack up and go to bed... the duty of the blog calls. It is particularly hard when nobody reads the blog - as I have only told 3 people and I have done zero linking/marketing/ etc. But I would like to have a bit of content before directing visitors to the site.

The problem is that I have been indecisive about how I wanted to position the blog. What would make it different enough to attract a few visitors, yet mainstream enough to be relevant to a significant market? Then there is the challenge of having content worth blogging about, but not going off the edge and when business associates and clients read it, think I am as mad as a hatter. (And of course doing all of that whilst remaining truthful and not pretending...)

Today I decided what my particular soapbox was going to be, and it is ... bullshitting. There is so much of it around (i.e. a huge market) and I think cutting through the crap, being ruthless about the truth and being honestly confronting is 'on brand' for our business- - and probably worth reading.

The piece about goal setting (previous blog) is exactly the kind management and business myth I'd like to debunk. There is a long list waiting..
- Charisma
- Achievement
- Selling
- Recruitment
- PR
and so on and so on. (I would love to get a comment or email about your favourite myths)

The next one is about being time poor...