Why is Bullshit so prevalent?

Fact no 1: People have problems. (Real or perceived.)

Fact No 2: People seek solutions for those problems.

Fact No 3: People will regularly and consistently do stupid things in pursuit of those solutions.

Fact No 4: One of the quickest ways to get rich is to help someone do those stupid things in the belief that there is a (quick) fix. (Take a wander down the aisle of your local Borders… and note the number of books that profess to have THE answer. Every panacea offered as the secret to success is a positioning statement by a wannabe guru.)

There is no secret. There is no magic bullet. There is no single answer to life’s problems. A failed cake recipe might have been prevented with the addition of a pinch of salt, but success cannot be guaranteed with a pinch of positive attitude. Life is complicated. Everything is connected. People are f**ked. Knowledge is incomplete. Change is constant. I can list another dozen reasons that simply defy the assertion that there is ‘an answer’ or a ‘system’ out there that will solve all your problems and assure you success.

These gurus are what I call “their only-tool-is -a-hammer brigade”. Most readers will know the truism that is attributed to Maslow who said: “He that is good with a hammer tends to think everything is a nail.Abraham Maslow

So, despite all these (irrefutable?) facts, why do people still chase the chimera of eternal happiness and success? Or an even bigger question: Why do people need 'an answer’?

... More later