A most peculiar thing…

I am referring to the mind --- and how it works.

It is really no different to any other body part in its basic composition (molecules à atoms à protons, neutrons and electrons) yet it is the seat of all our angst and all our joy.

The one thing in particular, of the many things that boggles my little mind, is its inability to react to reprimand and to negative stimuli. It is almost as if it doesn’t have a ‘reverse’ gear. I notice it particularly in other people and not always in myself. (Too close to home?)

Whenever you say to someone:

  • ‘Don’t drop the glass’ – it invariably gets dropped.
  • ‘Be careful not to fall over’ – results in falling over.
  • ‘Don’t hit the ball in the net’ – sees the ball hitting the net.

Start the day by spilling coffee on your tie, and you berate yourself and warn yourself that this is going to be ‘one of those days’ – and tell me I am wrong, but it usually turns out to be one of those days!

If you think Quantum Physics is the beginning of understanding the way the Universe functions (as I do) then you will also appreciate that Chaos Theory is predicated on the understanding that the universe is one: everything is connected. (No Deepak Chopra, no new-age crap – pure science).

You may not have thought it about this way, but that means that your thoughts… are connected to the glass that was dropped! WOW. (This thought should percolate a while...)

The mind does not process the ‘negative’ qualifier - don’t – it simply understands ‘drop the glass'.

I have no idea why… and I can’t find any research (what is the matter with Google?) to back this up. Maybe you know?