Brand Me

We are presenting on "Brand Me" up on the Gold Coast next week, and is my wont, I have been doing some research. I came across a blog The Buzz Machine (click on the link above) - which does not have anything to do with branding per se, but made a very interesting observation.

I quote from the blog:
For young people, writes [Dov] Seidman, this means understanding that your reputation in life is going to get set in stone so much earlier. More and more of what you say or do or write will end up as a digital fingerprint that never gets erased. Our generation got to screw up and none of those screw-ups appeared on our first job résumés, which we got to write. For this generation, much of what they say, do or write will be preserved online forever. Before employers even read their résumés, they’ll Google them.

If you are a parent, this is pretty important to communicate to your children.

Now along with the talk about condoms, drugs and not getting into strangers' cars, you also have to warn them about the implications of Facebook, Myspace et al. My guess is that they will laugh it off because the 'threat' is vague and non-specific and will probably be attributed to us being old fashioned.

I will speak to Lauraine tonight - and let you know :-)