Why Managers Fail Pt4 - Personal Disclosure

I must be honest about the previous post and admit the weakness that I have fallen in love with. (Blogs should be about honesty, right? And besides, and can’t just point the finger at everyone else without acknowledging my own failures; that would be hypocritical and that is NOT one of my weaknesses.)

My own weakness parading as a strength is that I can be am argumentative. This is because I believe TRUTH is paramount (at least my version of the truth). And I have been ‘truthful’ to the point of hurting people’s feelings: as long as the truth can prevail.

It is not just a weakness; it is quite sadly more than that. But instead of dealing with the cause of it, I have learned to justify it to myself to the extent that I have even become proud of it and started justifying it to everyone else. It is quite easy to put truth on a pedestal; how can anyone argue against ‘honesty’ as positive attribute?

But the fact is that no society can function properly without the small white lies that serve to oil the wheels of social interaction. (Jim Carrey’s movie Liar Liar proved the point.) I have gone as far as jeopardising my career and sacrificing it at the altar of TRUTH just because I have fallen in love with my own honesty. The underlying cause of the preoccupation is probably some unglamorous insecurity, but because I had elevated the lack of social skill to a desirable trait, I never really learned to deal with it properly.