Why people fail – Pt 8

Back to the series on failure. (It is so uplifting, right?)

Employees are led to believe that good leaders (you know those creatures that all managers must aspire to become) are able to ‘see the big picture’. Many managers derogatorily talk about people who micro-manage and who are ‘detail-orientated’ and hence such behaviour is shunned. Who wants to be associated with the little details when there are sexy big strategies that could be wrestled with?

And then they fail: because they overlooked one clause in a contract, one zeroon a balance sheet – or couldn’t be bothered to make one little phone call to check a refrence.

Life, work, everything is to be experienced in the detail. Without a tree there would be no forest to see. If you fail to see the trees, you have no one to blame other than your self if you walk into the tree.

Success is not about dreaming big – it is about talking that first (little) step.

Getting the interview can come down to NOT having a (little) stain on your tie or NO typo on your resume.

The safe return of the shuttle crew depends on NOT having one (little) cracked tile.

I think you get the (little) picture.