Too much of a good thing

I have been silent for a wee while. Working hard at being busy is one reason. The other is that I have started another blog and that takes up some time. (The new blog is more technical/ functional, and arguably better for business. Contrarian is just for fun.)

So just for the hell of it, I thought I’d throw in a random bit about a topic du jour: car safety.

Manufacturers vie for 5-star safety ratings, and as part of those desired specs you will find things like electronic stability control etc. I am all for airbags, because when the sh*t hits the fan, you wanna have cover.

But I really think that ABS and ESC is resulting in fewer people learning to actually handle those near misses. Not driving the perfect car (over time) teaches you the limits of what the car can and cannot do. This is just when you need when things go wrong. Like super-safe adventure parks have turned the children away in droves (because they are no fun), super-safe cars will just be pushed harder and faster because those who want to get a thrill out of it will do it anyway.

So give the drivers back some control and responsibility. (Will the day come that a driver will sue the manufacturer when a super-safe car makes an accident, arguing that the electronics/ robotics were effectively in charge?)

(The image is not attributed - because I don't know whence it cames. If it offends, let me know and I will remove it.)