How to build TRUST like the Pope

Requisite Credibility = Trust + Expertise.

TRUST is built by acquiring and demonstrating at least the following four traits:

  • Honesty
  • Confidentiality
  • Consistency
  • Willingness to change

It is not within my sphere of influence to help you acquire these four traits – it is really up to you as an individual to build for your brand or your business. The important fact is that people will generally take your message/ example/ offer seriously (i.e. trust it) if you are these four things. In my opinion the hardest thing to achieve is consistency. In changing world with shifting values, consistency is fast becoming an elusive dream. But without consistency (right down to the extreme detail) it is nigh impossible to create trust. Trust in and of itself is insufficient.

EXPERTISE is also required – in big doses.

You might trust your doctor to do the right thing, but you also want to know that they have the expertise to execute appropriately. Expertise is knowledge + skills applied in the right context. Expertise is knowledge + skill soaked in the vat of time to mature for a good period of time.

Expertise must also be demonstrated. Don’t just say you are good/ best/ cheapest/ most value: prove it. Provide the examples and the facts to back up your message. People learn by doing and they want see evidence that you have ‘learned’ how and what by actually having done it.

The implications for marketers and bloggers are huge, isn’t it?

  • What do you blog about?
  • How to link to blogs and get a voice in a community that will be the ‘social proof’ that you know what you are doing?
  • The nature and type of testimonials.

I am sure any passing reader will be able to add to the list… feel free to comment.