First things first

Hellloooooo world.


Refreshed. (Sort of.)

No resolutions to speak of. (Too contrarian or too stupid.)

But the 'plan' is to make this the Year of SELLING. (Caps intended.)

It has been said (too often) that we are all in sales – and ‘tis true. But when you run a start-up/ small business then selling is so much more. A SALE buys a night’s sleep and a meal. A pair of school shoes. The occasional cup of coffee. Dignity. Acceptance. A place in the world. Self-respect. Peace.

A SALE is up there on a pedestal of the great achievements that are possible by mankind. A SALE is harder to achieve than most people realise, and therefore it is precious. It is therefore not hard for me to put every customer on that very same pedestal (see my retail$mart blog on this topic.)

We understand selling. We love it. We teach it. There is a lot complicated psychology in selling, but before you can be sales person, before you pull out your toolkit to start pressing ‘hot buttons’ there is one prerequisite requirement that applies. Without it, a SALE is near impossible to achieve, certainly not with the regularity required to be deemed successful.

What is this ONE THING I hear you ask?

It is called… LIKABILITY. Yep. If your ‘prospect’ does not like you, no amount of psychological trickery is going to deliver results. Creating rapport – instant likability – is the #1 priority for any sales person, and therefore for any person (if you believe we are all in sales). Getting to be liked – without being obsequious, glib or insincere is THE GREATEST CHALLENGE for all human interaction. (Teachers call it ‘engagement’ – and it is at the heart of learning interaction. The act of buying is not all that different from learning; learning to love YOUR product = buying.)

How do you achieve authentic likability?

You will have to come back next time… :-)