Future trends to capitalise on

The latest issue of brainmail has a few interesting trends and factoids that have implications for the future of retailing…1. Women in business

The number of women in senior management positions in major UK  businesses has fallen by over 40% over the last five years. In 2002,  women occupied 38% of senior posts in FTSE 350 companies but by 2007  this had declined to 22%.

Ref: PriceWaterhouseCoopers (UK)

2. Ikea sleepovers

Ikea has created a pop-up hostel inside one of its stores. Each  night, invited guests can bed down in a family room or a wedding  suite until the store reopens at 10am the following morning. Other brands experimenting with sleepovers include the LA Dodgers, The  British Museum, SeaWorld and Disney.

3. Sleep is the new sex

According to the National Association of Home Builders in the US,  60% of custom homes will have dual master bedrooms by the year 2015.  The reason is that more married couples are finding it harder to  sleep together due to medical problems or because one partner gets  up early to go to work.

4. Re-cycled retail trend

Japanese clothing retailer Uniqlo is asking shoppers to drop off old  or unused Uniqlo clothing in any of its 730 stores across Japan. The  company sends wearable clothing to refugee camps whilst damaged or  worn out items are sent for recycling.

 5. PayPal now has 143 million accounts - double the number it had two years ago.