Increase staff productivity by 3 %

No. This is not a trick. And 1% is more significant than might be immediately obvious. This is what any retailer can do: changing your staff scheduling program (or spreadsheet) from 30 minute blocks to 15 minutes blocks. The jargon is ‘granularity of scheduling’.

John Anderson from Kronos calculated an example assuming normal constraints of trading hours, length of a legal shift and so forth.

Assume ideal labour hours required:      360.7

With 30 minute scheduling                          392.9 hours will be booked

15 minute scheduling                                     382.0 hours will be booked

This is a 2.8% improvement. And all you need to do is a change a number on your spreadsheet/ in your software!

A 100-store chain trading from 9am to 10pm, paying $10 per hour could conceivably save almost $4m per annum.

An added benefit is that the number of potential shifts increase from 135 to 297. This affords the retailer amazing flexibility to give staff shifts that better suit their requirements, resulting in happier staff.