McDonalds beat Starbucks in a coffee taste test: HUH?

I don’t know how I missed this one on the wires, but it was reported in May (LA Times) this year that McDonalds came up trumps in a coffee taste test.

The report says:

Starbucks' coffee was deemed to be "strong, but burnt and bitter enough to make your eyes water instead of open."

The winning coffee from McDonald's was described as "decent and moderately strong," and having "no flaws."

The coffee of the next two chains in the test were described as inoffensive (Dunkin Donuts) and tasted more like hot water" (Burger King).


Starbucks said: coffee is an individual thing.

McDonalds said: we are ecstatic.


The BIG question is, however:


WHAT have they done about it?

How could any self-respecting retailer miss an opportunity like that? They definitely failed the Retail$MART test: What would you do if it was your own business?

As far as I am concerned, I will drink either only as a last resort; but I will give Maccas another go next time… you can’t believe what you read in the papers.