Surprise, surprise: Teens prefer the Mall over the Internet

The latest US study has found that teenagers (13-17) are overwhelmingly favouring shopping the mall over the internet.

Some key stats from the OTX study:

Teens learn about "cool new products" from the following sources (multiple choices were allowed)

  •          65% Internet

  •          62%  friends

  •          54% TV ads

  •          48% magazines

Christmas gift of choice (to give)

  •          Electronics stores 46%

  •          Bath/body (45%)

  •          Music stores (41%)

Preferred gifts (for themselves)

  •          Money 39%

  •          Computer 30% 

  •          Clothes 25%

  •          Cars 24%

  •      Gift card from their favourite store (just) 9%

What's important for marketers to understand is that for most teens, shopping is a purely social experience with a full 84% saying they will shop with others.

Personally the most interesting finding is that 17% say there isn't anything they want. Is it the beginning of the end of conspicuous consumption?