The digit is mightier than...

... well almost everything.

For conversations are the seeds of all change.

Last year there was a blogger collaborative that created The Age of Conversation. 100 Bloggers worked under the leadership (such a quaint word for the blogosphere, heh?) of Gavin and Drew to create the book. The story of the book is a story in itself. And it is about the art of the story - in some way or another - and an interesting one too. Published on Lulu, in itself in interesting story about the power of the web.

And this year there is another story to be told, and you can be part of it.

  • You will (again) work for free.

  • All proceeds will go to charity (Variety, the Children's Charity again - see link to the Aussie branch)

  • And so become part of history in the making.

  • It promises to be good fun and it is a good thing.

If you would like to participate, go here. From there you can see more about the project and/or vote on the topic to be selected even if you don't participate.

Go on, be brave - live dangerously...