Succes countdown

This list was gleaned from a Kevin Hogan article. Whilst seeming tangential to our retail focus, it serves us well to remember that 'retail' is full of people - all chasing some success in life - and these 'steps' are a timely reminder.

Although somewhat repetitive, and although no earth-shattering revelation; still a handy list to contemplate. The fact that it IS restating most things you already know, should be a warning sign that maybe you are not following through?

23. Realize your Potential

22. Don't Look Back

21. Dare to Dream

20. Don't Give Up

19. Have an Unstoppable Attitude

18. Stop the Complaining

17. Focus on Something you Like...or Love...

16. Change your Circumstances

15. Have a Plan

14. Accept Responsibility

13. No Ethical Shortcuts

12. Have Courage

11. Be Excited to Learn

10. Share your Achievements

9. Seek Input

8. Beware Toxic Poisoning

7. Be a Good Listener

6. Birds of a Feather

5. Little Red Engine...

4. Be Proactive

3. Stay Motivated

2. Cut Yourself Some Slack.

1. Be "Obsessional"