The customer service fuel guage

How good is your customer service?

The attached graphic should be worth the proverbial thousand words – but since I am not a very good designer, it probably needs some help.

1. Dead contact

The only interaction is by complaint form or voice mail.

2. Dumb contact

There is a person at the other end… but it does not help much

3. Easy escalation

There is a person who can merely pass the buck.

4. Active listening: Limited action

The next person listens, expresses empathy and makes the customer feel better, but still no action.

5. Active Response: Own the problem

This organisation is geared towards solving problems with empowered employees.

6. Pre-emptive

Pro-active organisation that actively seeks feedback and reacts to those.

7. Integrated Customer Experience

The entire organisation (using the 7-S framework) is designed to deliver customer service – in it s structure, in its systems – in totality.

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