Converse, Cooperate, Care

As of today, the second edition of The Age of Conversation has been launched. It is an amazing story about a group of evangelists (some more hardcore than others) who have embraced the social media platform (Web 2.0), and decided to walk the talk and use the web to converse, to cooperate and to care.

Converse: 237 smart people gave of their time to pen something original about the dawning of the new era in the evolution of society, relationships and technology. These conversations have been pulled together in a book: The Age of Conversation – Why don’t they get it?

Cooperate: These 237 people have used the web as platform to bring this book out. Nobody knows everybody – and in fact most people would only know a handful of others. But without ever having met each other, they managed to get it done. As always, there are some people who deserve more credit. It is the brainchild of two gentlemen (GAVIN in Sydney and DREW in Des Moines) who gave more than most. You may find every other author listed in the sidebar to the left, and it would be great if you could explore them, because even if I don’t know them, I can tell you that they are all thinkers about this brave new world.

Care: There is a buzz about cause marketing and of course some people are jumping on the bandwagon. The AOC is not about cause marketing; we all just wanted to put something of ourselves back into the system – no ulterior motive. All profits will go to Variety (the kids charity), but there won’t be any profits if you don’t buy the book.

We’d appreciate your support, the kids will appreciate your support – and you will become part of the Age of Conversation and be better for it.

This blogger is honoured to be part of this effort. If you want read my (or any other person's contribution) you will just have to buy the book.

PS: The pic was taking last night at about 7pm (4 hours before the official launch) whilst Gavin was regaling my MBA (Marketing) class at the MGSM on the finer points of marketing in the Web 2.0 world. The launch of AOC being a case in point. And an excellent job he does too! (And he is not as scary as he looks here - let's blame that one one on my Nokia :-)

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