Never, never up-sell

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One of my clients recorded the best day in 22 weeks last Sunday because a new sales assistant - decided to focus only on this one thing she learned from Sell$mart. (She said she lacked the confidence to try all/more things.)
Before I tell you; here is why it is NOT a good idea to up-sell:

  • Up-selling is poor retail practice.

  • Customers love to buy but hate being sold to.

  • They have trained themselves to recognise when they are being sold to, and will resist.

  • Even if you succeed, they will not have enjoyed the experience, so would have won the battle but lost the war

  • But most importantly it is the wrong thing to do because there is a better way that is proven to increase your average sale.

Always offer/ show/ include your most expensive item when you are in a sales situation.

In some situations (a retailer of billiard tables) increased the average sale by 81.8%, but even if not that spectacular, the best day in 22 weeks isn’t so bad either.
I will spare you the psychology behind this, but suffice to say that if you always include your most expensive option, you obviously cannot ‘up-sell’.
Train your staff to always talk top-of-the line.

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