Why not?

A little pick-up truck (“Ute”) drove past me today. Name of the business: ‘Complex Solutions’. That would be kinda the opposite of what I want.

Why not: Simple Solutions

Sign at the coffee shop entrance in a busy mall. ‘Come and in and see our extensive menu.’ Extensive OR Expensive to the hurried eye perhaps?

Why not: See our BIG menu?

Countertop signage on the coffee shop tables in the mall walkway are placed at 900 angle to passing traffic.

Why not: Placed at 450 to (at least) give people a shot at seeing it.

The menu board in the coffee shop lists 5 options (flat white, latte, cappuccino etc) – all priced at $3.00. A lot of noise & clutter & space consumed for overwhelmed consumers.

Why not: Any Coffee - $3

In the window of a book store the new Wilbur Smith novel is offered at 69% discount. Seriously – and you can calculate that?

Why not: Save $20

Can you read this?

Of course you can’t read that. But that is what people do when they make menu boards, posters etc with 3cm letters – and expect customers to read it from 5 meters away.

Why not – indeed.

Retail is detail. As is success.