Staff drive customers away? Who would have thought...

Ferrante reports that The Retail Customer Dissatisfaction Study, conducted by The Verde Group and the Baker Retail Initiative at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School found that sales staff are the single biggest detriment to the shopping experience, which may result in a 6% loss of business for retailers.

The most critical retail shopping issue of all, not being able to find a salesperson for assistance, is experienced by 33% of all consumers. Many shoppers are so annoyed by the lack of assistance that they won’t go back to the store at all. This, in turn, results in negative word-of-mouth, and a whopping 50% of shoppers said they have chosen not to visit a particular business because of someone else’s poor experience- this is not counting their own.

Other key findings of the study:

· 25% of those surveyed said they found sales people, but it made little difference since the store employee ignored them;

· 22% reported aggravation with product stock-outs;

· The average number of problems experienced per consumer were highest among those 18 to 29 years old;