The invisible people

This is a post aimed at retailers and centre managers.

It is based on our experience in training YOUR frontline staff in the art of delivering customer service.

If you really, REALLY want your cleaners, your security guards, your employees to deliver great customer service, this is what you must do:

Stop treating them like they are invisible. When they line up at your counter to buy a coffee, don’t overlook them to serve a ‘real customer’ first.

When you walk past them on the floor, why don’t you make eye-contact and smile for a change; instead of simply reminding them that there is rubbish bin to be emptied.

When next time you talk, see if you know their name without having to glance at their badges.

You may be surprised to discover that some of these people have amazing talents and amazing stories. We have discovered representative sportsmen and semi-professional musicians. We have discovered snake breeders and single parents and stand-up comedians. People just like you and me.

If you could be bothered to make them visible, they may be bothered to believe you when you say customer service is important.