Blogger Typology

This image in response to a post by Gavin at Servant of Chaos.

There I commented as follows:

Typologies probably do more harm than good, but I love them anyway for the order they bring to our universe - even if we only pretend for a little while. But I also believe it does progress the debate, especially in emerging sciences...

The true entrepreneur: creates and sells solutions. Pioneers of the web as channel.

Intellectuals: observe, analyse and shape the debate. Pioneers of web as medium.

Aggregators: Harnesses the content and shapes the flow without creating anything new. Pioneers of web as real estate.

Enablers: The oil the wheels of the net. The 'eyeballs' everybody is chasing. Comment but don't necessarily create from scratch.

And finally, any combination of the above.

PS: Don't know why I called then 'participators rather than participants, but it just sounds less passive in recognition of the vital role they play.