Five tips for the first two metres

The first two metres of a specialty shop is the most important – the platinum zone so to speak. This includes the windows of course, but for the purposes of this post. I’ll focus only on the interior.

  1. Devote a percentage of space to allow the customer to enter and feel comfortable before being ‘challenged’ to buy. Paco Underhill refers to this zone as the ‘landing strip’, and colloquially it is sometimes also known as the ‘dance floor.’ This is where the customer orientates themselves, puts away the umbrella, gets the kid under control etc.

  2. Arrange presentations in increments from entry to back wall to entice customer to penetrate further. Make sure that visibility is maintained right through to the rear wall – don’t block the sight lines with a very large display. Create visual appeal that draws the eyes in or gets the customer attention, such as presentations at different heights. (Triangles, pyramids etc. are great fro creating visual focal points.)

  3. The most productive space should be allocated to the most profitable stock. Think twelve times before putting sale merchandise in the prime spot. The only exception would be when the whole store is on sale.

  4. Have fixtures that hold merchandise for sale turned so that the front side is angled 45o off the main traffic entry aisle, instead of facing head-on. This layout induces penetration because it is easier for the body to turn 45o than 90o.

  5. Change every two weeks and keep consistent with promotional calendar and the need to get the attention of loyal customers who shop frequently.