Failure: The best growth hormone

When you start your own business - and no matter how experienced you are or whether you have done this successfully before - there is a real and always-present threat of failure.

Most people (our team is no exception) are probably more motivated by fear of failure than the desire to achieve than we would like to admit.

I could say (in all modesty) that we have had a pretty good run and compared to many people, we would be classed as successful. But no matter how successful, there is always the fear that it may end anytime soon.

Part of our modest success is definitely attributable to our view of failure.

  • Failure is an opportunity to learn.

  • Failure is necessary for innovation.

  • Failure is a motivator - one step closer to success, one less thing that will go wrong again.

  • Failure is an opportunity to test assumptions - of which most people have far too many.

When was the last time you failed miserably, utterly and totally?
If you can't remember, then you also probably can't remember the last time you have tried something completely new! People don't get lost traveling on the roads they know, only on those they don't know.

Failure is life-affirming; you rarely feel more alive than when your very existence is threatened and the challenge is overcome. (That is why people bungy jump.)

If you want to experience life - or rather LIFE again, do something where there is a real risk of failure.