Moments of Truth

Moment of Truth: MoT

The term ‘moment of truth’ describes ANY touch point in which the customer comes into contact with some aspect of our company. On the basis of that contact, customers form an impression of your products/services.

Every time we come into contact with a customer, he or she creates an impression that can determine whether or not the customer is satisfied that their expectations are met.

Every time a customer interacts with our facilities even without the presence of an employee, it is a moment-of-truth. It doesn’t really matter whether the customer is ‘right’ or ‘wrong’;

It is how the customer feels.

  • MoT are the building blocks of service quality

  • MoT are not necessarily real, they are often simply perceived to be real

  • At the MoT the smallest detail can make the difference.

  • MoT different for different people