Making an impact: the other side of the brick...

Commentators often talk about the ‘2- percenters’ - that is doing those things that are tough, have a low probability of success and yet goes to show an attitude of perseverance and commitment to the small details other people will overlook. (It is often used as a sporting analogy to illustrate the point (for instance) that you still chase down an opponent even if they have already crossed the line because the pressure may just result in a drop ball.)

This analogy is misleading because it focuses on the 99th and 100th steps in the percentage of effort. True success comes from the 101st and 102nd percentage points of effort. Sprint athletes are told to finish ‘through the line’ and martial arts experts will tell you that get hurt when you stop the momentum of your blow on impact; you must hit through the brick to break it.

This is not the proverbial ‘extra mile’ that you must walk – which is merely an optional, nice touch. That would be gesture to differentiate yourself and applied at your discretion. Hitting through the brick, however, is part of standard operating procedures. It is the methodology that is applied with every single execution. It is what happens on the other side of the brick that counts. Everything you do this side of the brick serves only to get your fist to the point of impact. Making an impact happens on the other side of the brick; without fail, without question.

Activities that happen this side of the brick are: Preparing, Planning, Selling, and Serving.

Activities that happen on the other side of the brick are: Caring, Fixing, Returning, Forgiving, and Relating. Especially relating.