Checklist for Receiving Merchandise

Internal auditors would normally follow a checklist as follows upon visiting a store. Don’t wait for the auditor – get the house in order by using these principles.

  • Immediately upon arrival, request that you be notified when the vendor/truck arrives to deliver a shipment of merchandise or vendor arrives to stock product.

  • Upon notification of the vendor/truck's arrival, proceed to the delivery area and observe the entire process, the counting of the cartons/pieces, and signing of the bill of lading or receipt.

  • Did the vendor arrive within their scheduled time period designated in the manual? If not, why?

  • Review weekly vendor schedule with manager to determine any known variances. Note changes on store schedule.

  • Verify that the vendor signed the visitors’ log.

  • Verify that vendors are using the Vendor Visitation Form.

  • Obtain, copy, and review the receiving documentation and verify that appropriate entries were made on the signed bill of lading for all shortages and overages.

  • Determine if the vendor places an order for product, is the order reviewed and approved by store management?

  • If a credit is issued, verify if possible, the quantities and record the disposition of the product.

  • Inventory the contents of a selection of cartons and compare the detailed results with the shipping/receiving documentation.