Recession: the differences between big & small

As the new year slowly gathers pace - it appears the pace is slower than expected. I have noticed this year a few changes that got me thinking:

People are back at work sooner than I seem to remember from my corporate days. Of course the entrepreneur is never 'off' despite the fact that the pundits advocate a balanced life.

The principle of social proof (the herd mentality if you will) seems to be stronger, the bigger the company. Small companies have to do stuff to eat; today preferably - whereas the big guns are more likely to take a while to wind up and to wind down.

Big companies are probably more likely to focus on what worked before - and strip away the unnecessary. Small companies will more likely risk pursuing new opportunities.

More small companies will fail in the short term and more big companies will fail in the long term. Then small becomes big... and c'est la vie.

Seth Godin blogged today about a gripe ('rubbernecking'), but admitted that he won't change the way things are, but concluded thusly:

I know it's hopeless. I'll never persuade everyone not to rubberneck. But maybe I can persuade you.

I'm with him. I just want substitute 'rubberneck' with 'act as if we are in a recession' - because that is exactly what will cause it!!!!

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