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When I was still living in South Africa, I played more golf than I do now. As was the custom, every golfer would have a caddie. Caddies were typically under-employed and uneducated; trying to eke out a living on fairly meagre payments as caddies on the all-white golf course of the time. (I am not proud of it, but that is what it was like back then.)

I learnt one of the most important lessons of my life on such a golf course, from a gap-toothed, semi-literate character who was my caddie on that particular day. (I wish I remembered his name or could find him again because I would like show my gratitude.)

He watched (obviously in agony) for awhile as I was leaving quite a few puts short on this particular day. One after the other my puts would stop short of the hole. Eventually he could not contain himself anymore and he blurted out:

“Give the ball a chance, master – give the ball a chance.”

For a moment I was on the verge of being upset about his unsolicited advice. (Remember, unlike pro caddies, none of them could actually PLAY golf and they really just carried the bags.) But then I realised the wisdom of those words, and I couldn’t help but smile. (The rest of my four-ball burst out laughing of course.)

If you don’t hit the ball hard enough it will not go in the hole. That is the difference between success and failure: how hard you hit the ball. Hitting it hard is not a guarantee that it will go in, but hitting it too softly, is a guarantee that it WON’T go in.

(Was it Wayne Gretzky who said: ‘I miss 100% of the shots that I don’t take’?)

This poor soul living on the edges of civilisation had given me a life-lesson that I have remembered ever since. And I thought of it again today when I made this discovery I want share with you.

Once again I had to think about whether I wanted to do something or … let it slide past. I remembered my caddie and his echo reminded me to give the ball a chance.

After a decade of being intimately involved with the Internet– I HAVE FINALLY FOUND SOMETHING WORTH SELLING. I have become aware of a fantastic suite of products that have just been launched.

You may be interested in this opportunity from the point of view as a personal user, or you may choose to become an independent marketer yourself. (I chose the latter and I now have access to what must be the greatest collection of learning & development materials on the internet.)
I  CAN promise you that, either way, what you get for your money is really good.

If you approach this as an opportunity to start you own online business you won’t retire soon, I think, but it may earn enough to eventually give up the day job if you want to.
I’ll tell you about the marketing opportunity first:

I cannot tell you how many ‘make money online’ stories, books, offers, websites, blogs I have read. And they were pretty much all crap.  I know a bit about the internet - my first e-commerce venture for my employer at the time in 1997 survives ‘till this day albeit in a highly evolved incarnation.
And I have always avoided internet-money-making schemes (promising ridiculous riches) because they were mostly glorified Ponzi-schemes, or at the least pyramids based on selling some crappy PDF which – you guessed it: teaches other people how to make money by selling the same PDF. (Most potential buyers of the book had already bought it by the time the average internet user becomes aware of it.)

But despite that, the fascination remained because logic dictates that there is a massive opportunity. Eventually everything that can be digitised will be sold over the Internet.  And customers have embraced the Internet as a viable way of doing business. (I don’t know many people who haven’t at least bought a book on Amazon.)

So I have faithfully followed up on new ideas and opportunities. And on 30th Jan 2009 – it happened. My own little Eureka moment:  I FOUND it.
And I’ll share it with you.

But a reality check first:
This is not a promise for easy money. (If you want it, you have to work at it.)
This opportunity, however, is different. The purchaser of these services, tools & content is not promised a fortune. The products that are for sale are:

  • High quality (I’d say the highest you get in the world, but you will think I am exaggerating)

  • Enormous intrinsic value (not just a useless PDF)

  • Does not have to be on-sold because it is of actual use to the purchaser

  • The timing could not be better. (The personal development industry THRIVES during tough times.)

  • Regular products that people purchase all the time

Like most internet marketing initiatives, this is a ‘network marketing’ platform too. But that is not a bad thing. It is a legitimate approach. Much like Tupperware does party plan really well, the Internet enables word-of-mouth marketing on an unprecedented scale.

So this is from my mouth to your ear - you know what I mean?

So, what do you get for the money?

Your own, Personal Development Library on the Internet. It contains videos, podcasts and e-books from DOZENS of the best speakers, trainers, consultants in the world.

There are HUNDREDS of videos, books and podcasts.  And it is offered in high definition video format (a brand new technology).

There are currently 26 people on the roster. And if you are interested in personal development, then these names will ring a bell:

  • Brian Tracy

  • Jay Abraham

  • Allan Pease

  • Ivan Misner

  • Patricia Fripp

  • Bob Proctor

… and 20 more (and growing).

The best minds in the business have put all their material together in one place. And it is here.

For the price of a good book, you get access to this library for your lifetime. It will take a very long time to exhaust what is there, and with new material promised on an ongoing basis, you will probably never have to buy into a site like this ever again.

The topics span a range of disciplines:

  • Personal Development & Success

  • Entrepreneurship & Business Development

  • Finance Investment

  • Marketing & Management

  • Leadership

… and dozens more.

You owe it to yourself to check it out – at least.

Now consider it as a personal investment opportunity:
I have already told you that you can get access to the greatest library of online materials that you can imagine.

It is an inexhaustible supply of personal development videos (high definition) and quality literature by the world’s best trainers and speakers.

And you can have it FOREVER for the price of around of drinks!

How good is that?

You don’t have to try and sell it to your friends and family. I am doing this because I really think it is a good idea. And I would like to pass it on to you too. As a professional trainer myself, I think I can recognise a good offer if I see one.

Learning a new skill and gaining a new insight lies at the heart of personal growth and success. You cannot grow if you don’t learn. Personal Development is a life-long journey and you will get many, many years’ enjoyment and satisfaction from the material in this library.


Option 1: Go to this website, give it a thorough look-through and evaluate the samples. Then decide whether you want to do the once-off payment and become a customer or whether you will become a marketer if you have the time and inclination.
Option 2: Pass a link to this post on to your friends and family. (Yes, I will get a referral – but that is not why I am asking you to do it.) Just like people tell people about a good or bad movie, you could do the same here. Even in the remote likelihood that you think the content is poor and not worth it, your friends and colleagues might think differently.
Option 3: Do nothing. Be annoyed for a moment- you wasted 3 minutes. Carry on as before. Of course in this particular instance nothing will change. Nothing. You decide whether that is a good thing. Or whether it is just maybe worth a look?

As you contemplate which 3 of these options you are going to follow – and before you decide on the ‘do nothing/ delete’ option, think about what the caddie had taught me all those years ago:

Give the ball a chance…

All it takes is one click.

Improve service by learning one word

Why fail?

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