Check your traps

We attended a conference in Melbourne earlier this month which was opened by Shane Jacobsen (Kenny of the eponymous movie). He regaled us with the story behind the Kenny story, and to make a long story short, one of the key messages was that they could make the movie as cheaply as they did because over his life up to that point he was almost fanatical about acquiring new ‘licenses’.

He is licensed to drive almost anything on wheels and most things on water. He is lighting guy and a pyro-technician and much more. All of this happened because his father always stressed the importance of ‘checking your traps’. The expression is something that rural Australia understood all to well: if you don’t want to go to bed hungry then you should set a lot of traps (in the wild) and check back often.

That life lesson stood him in good stead and when they time came, he was prepared for it. In a previous post we also wrote about luck, but this is so important that we want to stress again what our attitude towards ‘luck’ should be.

  • Lisa Minnelli (?)is quoted as saying that you should always be preparer to get lucky.

  • No lesser luminary than Donald Trump said: Everything in life is luck.

  • Of course, Jean Cocteau was a bit more cynical when he said: I believe in luck: how else can you explain the success of those you dislike?

It is just luck/ bad luck depending on whether you catch something in the trap (unlucky for the animal, lucky for you). But the reality is that without actually going to the trouble of setting the traps (using all your knowledge and skills) then all the luck in the world will be of no use. You have to be prepared to get lucky.

So the question I leave you with is:

What are you doing to prepare yourself?

And I leave with a few tips (not only questions)  too:

  • It is never too late to start preparing your self to get lucky.

  • Bad luck is not an excuse, it is just an explanation.

  • Good luck is never cause for boasting.

  • If you look for luck, you will find it where others never even notice.

  • If you think you are unlucky, start counting the ways you are better off than

  • Luck is a boomerang.

Just imagine that luck is an aeroplane out there and it is looking for a runway to land on in your life. Unless you build the right runway, your luck will never be able to land.