Visual Merchandising: General Tips (post 12 of 12)

Managing store presentation and merchandise display is an ongoing task that occupies floor staff constantly. (Occasionally even causing them to ignore the customer!) The following list is an important list of basic rules that apply to most retail formats:

  • Use of signs inside and out.

  • High GP items at eye level.

  • Have an attractive, uncrowded entrance.

  • Design to your traffic flow.

  • Utilise end caps/ gondola ends.

  • Have a display with add-on items.

  • Display impulse items.

  • Display ahead of the buying cycle. (Some fashion stores take this too far and are selling next season in the middle of this season.)

  • Appeal to as many senses as possible.

  • Colourise.

  • Give the impression you have a lot of product in stock.