Retail media monitor

Readers of this blog are waaaay to sophisticated to need this, but I thouhg I would post it here - just in case :-)

Here is a tip that you can use that will save you a lot of money.

  • Go to – register for free

(Stop - don't run away, trust me on this one :-))

  • Go to – register for free

(Hootsuite is a software application that does a better job than Twitter of managing your tweeting.)
You don’ have to tweet and you don’t have to have followers and you don’t have to follow anyone - just register.

  • In the search box of Hootsuite, type the name of your company.  

  • When prompted, click on ‘save search as a column’.

  • In the search box, type the name of your company as well this hash tag:  #fail

  • When prompted, click on ‘save search as a column’.

Make sure you try all variations of your company or even key products so that you cover all basis.
(You can do this for ANY topic, say Ecommerce, and that column will track every mention of the word ecommerce.)

You have now set up an effective media monitoring account and all you have to do is watch it. Each column will pick any mention of the words you selected and you will immediately know if anyone mentioned anything that concerns you. There are more sophisticated ways of doing it, but this is about as effective as you can get.)

If you rate no mentions (the search columns are blank) then you can consider yourself lucky or unlucky, depending on your perspective.

If you want to see how it works, pick a larger, well-known brand (e.g. DELL #fail) and see what happens. I guarantee you DELL is watching. Shouldn’t you be?