What is a brand?

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Discussions about brand often strike me as marketing mumbo jumbo – and that is being kind. I have expressed my scepticism often and loudly. But I do believe it is an important piece of the puzzle, I just don’ t appreciate how marketers can substitute ‘branding initiatives’ for marketing actions.

It feels as if poor marketers resort to the comfortable blanket provided by the special branding landing to obfuscate the fact that their strategy will not actually drive more sales.

The most powerful builder of a brand is sales. Not branding campaigns.

So, what then is ‘brand’?

Branding is a framework to think about (and manage) the relationship between your product (service) and the customer within the context of all competing offers.

The actual brand is owned by the customer – and you should never confuse the fact that you may own the trademark/ brandmark with brand ownership.

Dennis Price
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