The myth of impulse shopping

Two points about this post.

It came to me via a LinkedIn group – just in case you were wondering if there was any value in social networks.

Secondly, the data is quite interesting. And in fact, in my latest news letter (subscribe on the left – there is a button there somewhere) I have a bit of a rant about the merits of ‘research.

Here are some stats, sourced from Business Daily Africa. (Click on the link for the whole article – no subscription required.)

  • The most basic information the research revealed is that no unplanned buying was done on slightly more than 60 per cent of all shopping trips. On the rest of the trips, the shoppers made an average of three unplanned purchases —far fewer than previous research indicated.

  • Young, unmarried adult households with higher incomes do 45 per cent more unplanned buying.

  • Households led by an older person and those that have larger families do 31 per cent to 65 per cent less spontaneous purchasing.

  • There is 25 per cent less unplanned buying among shoppers who mainly use newspaper ads for price information. People who consider themselves very “fast and efficient” shoppers are far less likely to make impulse buys —82 per cent less than the average.

  • If the purpose of a shopping trip is “immediate needs or forgotten items,” the rate of buying in unplanned categories falls by 53 per cent.

  • Unplanned purchasing goes up by 23 per cent if the shopping trip itself is unplanned, but it goes down by 13 per cent if it’s a major or weekly trip.

  • If a shopping trip includes stops at multiple stores, there is nine per cent less unplanned buying at the second or third store.

  • Unplanned purchasing goes up by 44 per cent if the shopper goes to the store by car instead of on foot. “The message ... is that the amount of unplanned buying that takes place is more about person-to-person variance than about the store environment itself.”

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