What to do when you get laid off?

The perspective here might be a bit serious – even negative, but these are difficult times, so bear with me. I can share this with you because I am actually old enough to have been there before - and I was: exactly 20 years ago this May. (The advice has been updated for the modern times though.)


  1. Get your profiles up on LinkedIn and Facebook. And do the work required to make it worthwhile.
  2. Get yourself a kick-butt resume - and include an online one - maybe try VisualCV.com
  3. Make contact with the people you have blown off because you were too 'busy' with your job. If you hit the street, unemployed with a big mortgage, you want to know who your friends are. And you will also learn that your future success or failure depends on PEOPLE - not on your job skills. I recommend you learn that before it happens.
  4. Re-evaluate your life, because you need to pick a direction before you have to pick it. Time will be precious when it happens - and that is usually when you least expect it.
  5. KNOW that you are still a human being with much to offer. Don't let the job be the only source of dignity. The adversity may actually be in a good thing (in hindsight) but one should not say that before the event because it might earn you a slap even if it is true - ex post facto.
  6. Learn new skills - in your own time. If you take what the company has to offer, manage your away time very carefully - that makes you vulnerable.


  1. 100 Tools to make money online
  2. 999 Business Ideas
  3. Pray: have faith (you know where to go, right?)
  4. Call me (see the footer of this letter)
  5. Call your friends
  6. And remember there is still 94% employment rate - you might not get your dream job easily, but with a bit of luck we can survive, right?