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In personal development literature you are often encouraged to be positive and to display a positive demeanour.  But mostly they are light on the specifics of how to become positive.

At Ganador we provide ourselves on pragmatic solutions.

Here is one easy solution: Start every sentence of your interaction with a customer with a YES. It will be a bit awkward in some sentences, but the conditioning effect on your mind is powerful.

Consider a business environment where you are dealing with a customer and want to make sales by giving great service.

You: YES – Good morning

[** Granted that feels odd, but stick with it.]

Customer: Good morning

[** You see the customer handling a sweater as a buying signal and you approach.]

You: YES – that is a very popular sweater

Customer: Riiiiiiight, I see...

You: YES – and it comes in blue or green – which colour do you prefer more?

Customer: Probably the green – but I am looking for red actually.

[**It does not come in red so you can’t help.]

You: YES – red is one of the ‘in’ colours, but what was the style you were after – because the one you are looking at comes exclusively in the blue and green?

Customer: V-neck, lightweight, like this

You: YES – …. and so forth

I think you get the idea.

It is a practical, little thing you can do that will instil a ‘can do’ habit.

[The psychology behind this principle is often called ‘The Law of Commitment and Consistency’ : people generally find it difficult to ACT in a manner that is incongruent with what they SAY.]
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