The easy way to go broke

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It is easy to say NO – but it is harder to say YES. As a society we tend to look for things that can go wrong. As an ex-employee of large companies, and as a supplier to large companies, I see this too often: People figuring out why not do stuff, rather than reasons to do it.

One of the products we offer is fully funded by the Government. Yet, it still remains hard work to sell it. We don’t do the hard sell. We have a track record. Actually, we are damn good.) Our product is second to none. The staff benefit. The business benefits.

Yet, time and time again retailers will find reasons why not to do the training. (The excuses will make you cry.)

Lucille Ball  wrote that “I would rather regret the things that I have done than the things that I have not.”  A sound philosophy indeed.

So during these ‘ahem’ tougher times:
What are you going to say NO to?

  • No more marketing?

  • No more training?

That is a recipe for ignorant customers and unhappy staff. Yet without fail, which budgets get cut first?

But wait, what if you want the opposite?

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