And the record goes to:

I bought 2 items at a store earlier this month. (A notebook and a pencil case.) No problem – it cost less than $11 all up. Service was proficient if nothing else and the store looked good.

But when the POS system produced the receipt – the mind boggled…

It was 39.3 cm – that is over one foot of paper produced for simple receipt that most systems would fit onto less than 10cm!

That has to be record… and it goes to SMIGGLES.

Which raises the issue of waste, doesn’t it? Bags, packaging etc. I am not the ‘greenest’ person out there. I am quite happy to chop down a tree for firewood in if needed. But there are limits to this sort of waste, surely?

There are other candidates too, mind you. Buy a packet of takeaway ‘fries’ at Maccas and the paper bag it comes in weighs more than the fries. What are your examples? Do you see waste like this in the shops? What is the role we (as consumers should play when it happens? Do you still take a bag at the supermarket when you buy one or two items? Does it all really matter?