10 dis-commandments for making money

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  1. Nobody with any money living in NIGERIA is planning to give it to you for any reason whatsoever – EVER.

  2. If your (type of) business is so unique that nobody in the history of the world has ever tried it, then there is probably a good reason it hasn’t been done.

  3. If the home study course on how to make money by sitting in your pyjamas at home and trading shares really worked, the guy selling the course would be doing it himself and wouldn’t need to be flogging home study courses.

  4. If a psychic could really predict the future, they wouldn’t need to be predicting it for you. Ditto economists.

  5. People sell their businesses for the same reasons the sell their cars too.

  6. Greed makes you stupid.

  7. Whatever you think it is going to cost to start your business, double it. Add 23.4% and multiply by 2.2. Add GST.

  8. Double the time you think it is going to take to get your first client, treble the time you think it is going to take to reach breakeven, and quadruple the time you think it is going to take you to retire on your profits.

  9. The banker is not your friend. (S)He has a performance target.

  10. If you want to be REALLY rich in your lifetime, you have to learn to lie, cheat, bully or fake things. Or be lucky. 

  11. BONUS TIP: Your accountant, lawyer and banker will almost always find a reason why it won’t work and that you shouldn’t do it. If you listen to them you will end up like them.

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