It's a jungle out there

So, here's the thing: I must admit upfront that I play in the social media space.  I am trainer/ teacher/ consultant/blogger/ entrepreneur and I LIKE change.

I have to KNOW: for me, and for what I do.

I am ambivalent about it though:

  • I have all but abandoned FB (it is now a handy way of remembering friends birthdays).

  • I use LI only to keep professional connections together.

  • I am active on Twitter, but I only follow back and don't seek to grow the 'followers'.

So, last night I had two great speakers (Gavin Heaton and David Caruso) as guests at my Marketing MBA class (where I am an Adjunct Lecturer).

Gavin spoke eleoquently about the merits and the dynamics of Social Media.
David spoke similarly about the art and science of PPC.

The class was divided, with both POV being adopted.

The best way I can summarise all of this is:
Social Media is a jungle. The conversationalists wander all over the place, discovering hidden treasures, secret caves and interesting new species. But you can't be sure that it actually leads anywhere.
The SEM folk have cleared a path through the jungle that gets them to the other side easily. they figured out one way in which the sytem works, and believe that is the right way.

Who is right? Is it a 'horse for courses' thing? Will one group triumph? Does it matter?

Whatever the answer - it was a lot of fun. And maybe that's the point?