Ethan and the the Stud

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Consider this scenario and tell me which manager you would prefer.

A problem arises and Manager 1 approaches and surveys the scene. He make a snap decision and walks away. An independent adjudicator is brought in and confirns that the decision is correct. The team moves on and contineues to prepare to tackle their objective.

Manager 2 takes a bit more time and establishes quietly what the problem is; then proceeds to find an alternative work-around and resolves the problem. The problem disappears and the the team is back together. The adjudicator accepts the situation.

Which manager would you prefer?
Which manager would you rather be in charge of your investment?

This is a little scene that played out on Saturday morning on the footy ground. The problem was that Ethan (real name) had lost a stud in his football boot. The coach approached the situation with confidence and declared that he would not be allowed to play. The referee was called in and the verdict was confirmed.

Ethan was distraught and sat down and cried.

One of the mums quietly asked one of the younger kids who had already completed their game if they could unscrew a stud and lend it to Ethan. The necessary equipment was produced and the stud was replaced.

The male made strong, confident decisions borne from his experience, while the women quietly just got on with the job of not only making a decision, but finding a solution that was emotionally more attuned to the needs of the parties involved.

The coach didn't even say thank you

Is it a coincidence that the coach was a man, and mum of course was a women? Should I read into it what I am reading?
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