Retail Selling - the engagement

I am continuing the series of posts on retail selling. In this post, I will deal with how to establish the connection with the customer (the ‘engagement’ stage). It follows on from a previous post.

Hi or Hello or G’day is perfectly acceptable. You may choose to do so, or swing straight to the next statements. The KEY THING is that customers should be treated with COURTESY. You should have simple, old-fashioned manners. Your first job is to connect with them as fellow human beings, not as some sales target.
You can achieve this with a smile and body language and/ or a simple greeting.
Be a human being before you are a sales person.

A sincere, welcoming smile is more than adequate – especially if you are wearing your badge.

  • “That’s a nice…”

  • “That is very popular with…”

  • “That is the only one left…”

  • “That model is 100% aluminium…”

  • “That is guaranteed never to rust…”

  • “There is also a bigger/different model…”

The following phrases (opening statements) are banned:

  • “Can I help you?’

  • “Just yell when you need me?”

  • “Won’t be a sec.”

  • “Just browsing?”

  • “Nice day, isn’t it?”

These are counter productive because they are 'questions' which do not identify a need and ALSO gives the opportunity to close the door on further engagement.

PS: Plenty of these discussions continue at – which can best be described as a virtual trade show where retail suppliers can showcase their knowledge for the benefit and edification of the retailers. I am sure there is someone smarter than me that can enrich the discussion and there are plenty of free tools to facilitate the conversation.