Retail Selling - the attitude

This is the final post (for now) in the series of posts on retail selling. In this post, I will deal with ‘attitude’ – something that is traditionally seen as difficult to achieve.


Be Confident

  • If you physically act confidently, you will experience confidence.

  • If you know your stock you can be confident.

  • People prefer to buy from people who seem confident.

Be Courteous
There is no substitute for simple manners. Please and thank you are some of the most powerful selling tools in retail. The key to all of this is that it must be really sincere. It is not something you can fake. IF you find this hard to do then you must consider whether retail is really the career for you.
Be Credible

  • By being truthful at all times you will enhance your credibility in the long run.

  • Wearing a neat uniform improves credibility.

  • Use facts and figures when explaining features improves credibility.


Recruit well. Make sure your retail sales personnel are ‘similar’ to the target market in lifestyle and key demographics.

Product knowledge is crucial when selling any specialty products. Unlike convenience products which are often perceived as low risk and bought as a matter of habit, specialty products are more ‘risky’ and requires sales assistance. Product knowledge is the key determinant of a sales person’s credibility.

Incentives and rewards are important. Don’t ONLY give the high achievers the rewards, but demonstrate practically to your staff that the right attitude is important and reward accordingly.

Most importantly, you have to be honest with yourself as leader/manager. Do you have the right attitude? If you care constantly whingeing about ‘head office’ for instance, these bad attitudes will be reflected in the service you your employees provide.

On a practical note; observe and mange your employees’ body language. Notice it and rectify it when it is wrong and negative. By ACTING confidently, you will increase the feeling of confidence.

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