Sushi and the Birthday Girl

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Today is Moonyeen’s birthday. So a little guest post about – well the little joys in life, about never being to old to discover new things and of course her passion – customer service.

I never ate sushi until about 3 months ago when I thought I would give it a go.

I went to my local shopping centre and picked something with chicken in it- spicy chicken.
I do not eat meat. (Please do not hold it against me)

So at least twice a week it is spicy chicken.

Here is the thing about this sushi place though:  At twelve midday they are still preparing the sush; they make it fresh, so very often my spicy chicken is not made yet.

But what a pleasure to walk up and ask the proprietor/chef to make it. He cannot speak English well at all – in fact he hardly speaks any english. You would think that this would make for an awkward customer experience. On the contrary.

It is a pleasure to observe his movements and his body language; he moves quickly and positively to act on your request, he talks to himself, he is in love with sushi making, he smiles, and then he delivers it with so much obvious pride, that you grow a smile on your face too and are proud to share the moment with him.

Now compare that to our local post office, where they usually speak fluent English... but I almost always leave feeling frustrated by the encounter.

If you do not want to serve me it does show in your body language, in your voice in your eyes. We can learn from this sushi maker that service is more than please and thank you and listening to my complaints.
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